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Troop Uniform Details

There are two types of Boy Scout uniforms that go by various names.  You may hear what members of the troop call a "Class A" uniform referred to as a "Field Uniform."  Likewise, a "Class B" uniform may be called an "Activity Uniform" by some.

Class "A" Uniform (Field Uniform)
This is worn for dress occasions; weekly Scout meetings, campfires, boards of review, courts of honor, during trip travel, church, ceremonies, etc. The class "A" uniform items include the following:

  • BSA Dress Shirt (required)
  • Patches sewn on shirt (see inside cover of the Boy Scout Handbook for patch locations)
  • BSA Pants (long or short - required)
  • BSA Socks (required)
  • BSA Belt (must be worn if pants have belt loops)
  • BSA Troop Neckerchief (Supplied by troop but wearing it is optional)
  • Troop Hat (Supplied by troop but wearing it is optional)
  • Hiking Boots or other appropriate footwear (never, never open-toed shoes)
  • Merit badge sash (worn on official occasions like courts of honor)
    • Please note that the sash is worn with the bottom on the left side of the Scout crossing upward from left to right.
    • Buy the larger sash even if a little long now; your Scout will grow quickly.

The minimum class "A" uniform is the shirt, pants, belt (for pants with belt loops), and socks. If any of these is not worn or is not official Boy Scout clothing, then the Scout is out of uniform.

Here is a link to the BSA's uniform inspection sheet.

Class "B" Uniform (Activity Uniform)
Scouts wear the class "B" uniform for daily routines during Scout functions, campouts, car washes, and any work type of Scout activity. The class "B" uniform is far more casual than the class "A" uniform and is the uniform to wear when the Class "A" is not appropriate. The basic requirement for class "B" is the Boy Scout shirt which may be a troop shirt or other shirt sanctioned by the Boy Scout of America. The Scoutmaster or senior patrol leader will identify other components of the class "B" uniform from the following items that Scouts will wear.


  • Troop or other BSA T-shirt
  • BSA Pants (long or short)
  • BSA Socks 
  • BSA Belt (required when BSA pants have belt loops)
  • Hiking Boots or other appropriate footwear (never open-toed shoes)
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