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Merit Badges

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The Phoenix district offers merit badge clinics on the first and third Thursday of the month.  See the Phoenix District website for details.

A merit badge counselor helps to guide a Scout through the process of earning a merit badge.  A Scout must obtain approval from the Scoutmaster and a signed blue card before contacting a counselor and starting to work on the requirements for a merit badge.  Although a Scout may work on any merit badge at any time, merit badge work does not apply to rank advancement until the Star rank. A merit badge counselor may counsel for one or more merit badges but must be registered with the BSA as a merit badge counselor for each merit badge for which he provides counseling.

The Boy Scouts of America offers more than 130 merit badges that Scouts may earn. To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, a Scout must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges. These 21 merit badges are composed of twelve named badges that are Eagle-required and nine elective badges which the Scout may choose.  The Internet has many excellent resources addressing merit badge requirements.  Check out the BSA national website or search for "merit badge requirements" for information on merit badges.


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Counselors for Eagle-required Merit Badges
Camping Merit Badge

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge
Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World Merit Badge
Citizenship in the World
Communications Merit Badge
Environmental Science Merit Badge
Environmental Science
Family Life Merit Badge
Family Life
First Aid Merit Badge
First Aid
Personal Fitness Merit Badge
Personal Fitness
Personal Management Merit Badge
Personal Management
  To attain the rank of Eagle, a Scout must earn either the Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving merit badge.  If a Scout earns both of these badges, one counts as an Eagle-required badge and the other as an elective.
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
Emergency Preparedness

Lifesaving Merit Badge
  To attain the rank of Eagle, a Scout must earn the cycling, hiking, or swimming merit badge.  If a Scout earns more than one of these badges, one counts as an Eagle-required badge and the remainder as elective badges.
Cycling Merit Badge

Hiking Merit Badge
Swimming Merit Badge
Counselors for Elective Merit Badges
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