Phoenix District
BSA Troop 467
Adult Leader Awards

Eagle Scout knot

Scoutmasters who are Eagle Scouts:

Rutledge Beachham
Rick Bradshaw
Keller Carlock
Ross Daniel
Pat Frank
Ken Goldwasser
Steve Haslup
Bruce Lafitte
Bill Swilley

Assistant Scoutmasters who are Eagle Scouts:

Bill Caldwell
Steve Danielik
Joe Drewry
Jerry Goldwasser
Payne Midyette
Charles Mixon
Don Payne
Ed Roberts
Randy Terrell
Paul Underwood

Torch Award
God and Service award
Religious Knot

Cross and Flame, Torch, and God and Service Awards - highest awards the United Methodist Church bestows on Scout leaders for outstanding service to young people

Troop 467 recipients of the Cross and Flame are:

Rutledge Beacham
Bill Swilley
Al Weatherly

Troop 467 recipient of the Torch Award is Joe Drewry

Troop 467 recipient of the God and Service Award is Bill Swilley

Phoenix District Award of Merit (Formerly North Atlanta District) - The District Award of Merit recognizes distinguished service to Scouting at the District level

Troop 467 recipients of the District Award of Merit are:

Saye Sutton
Paul Underwood

Silver Beaver Medal

Silver Beaver - the highest award the council can give to outstanding Scouters

Troop 467 recipients of the Silver Beaver are:

Rutledge Beacham Jerry Goldwasser
Keller Carlock Preston Hill
John Danielek Charles Mixon
Steve Danielek Don Payne
Joe Drewry Bill Swilley
Mark Dunaway Bob Taylor
Pat Frank Al Weatherly

Vigil Honor - National Honor given by the Order of the Arrow

Troop 467 recipients of the Vigil Honor are:

Rick Bradshaw
John Danielik
Steve Danielik
Preston Hill
Bruce Lafitte
Don Payne
Bill Swilley
Al Weatherly

Whitney Young Award

Whitney Young Award - a national award given by the Urban League to outstanding Scouters who have worked with disadvantage children

Troop 467 recipients of the Whitney Young Award are:

Saye Sutton
Bill Swilley
Al Weatherly

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