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History of Troop 467

In remembrance of those Troop 467 Scouters who are no longer with us

Jim Holekamp First Scoutmaster
Preston Hill First assistant Scoutmaster
Alex Gholson First assistant Scoutmaster
Bob Taylor First Troop Committee Chair
Jim Troup Troop Committee Chair
Bill Thatcher Troop Committee Chair
Kim Wise Eagle Scout
Billy Keel Eagle Scout
Bill Keel Scoutmaster
Al Weatherly Scoutmaster
Chris Drewry Eagle Scout
Rutledge Beacham Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster

Troop 467 Scoutmasters

Jim Holekamp
Bill Swilley
Al Weatherly
Bill Keel
Ross Daniel
Rick Bradshaw
Keller Carlock
Pat Frank
Rutledge Beacham
Mack Barnes
Steve Haslup
Bruce Lafitte
Mark Dunaway
Ken Goldwasser
Val Carolin
Bryan Husk

Troop 467 has been in existence for over 40 years.  The troop was chartered in 1965 and affiliated with Peachtree Road United Methodist Church in Atlanta, an affiliation that continues today. (See the original application for charter.)  The troop is very proud of its long history, including the development of a junior leader training program that is now part of the national Scouting program.  Throughout its existence, Troop 467 has been led by parents and former Scouts with an abiding love for and belief in the Scouting tradition.

Troop 467 in 1985
Troop 467 in 1985
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Troop 467 began as Troop 59B, an offshoot of Troop 59.  Troop 59B was chartered as Troop 467 in November of 1965. This group met in the basement of the Scout hut until Troop 59 disbanded. Jim Holekamp was the first Scoutmaster. The first Eagle Scouts were Artie Holekamp and Mike Hill.

From the start, 467 was a pioneering troop. Joe Drewry started a junior leader training program. It was so successful that other troops adopted it. This program is now a part of the national Scouting program. Troop 467 also initiated the Tenderfoot Patrol Program. It required each new Scout to complete the Tenderfoot rank before joining a regular patrol. Al Weatherly designed a plan for Scouts to earn the hiking and historical trails patch.  Randy Terrell developed high adventure campouts which included repelling and white water rafting. Troop 467 also had survival campouts where Marie Mellinger, an expert in survival camping, taught the Scouts how to live off the land.

Campouts were major events and full of adventure. On Bill Swilley’s first campout as Scoutmaster, the Senior Patrol Leader burned up the campsite. On a campout during Bill Kell’s tenure, the weather dropped into the mid-teens before they could set up camp. Scouts watched a pond freeze inch by inch. Rick Bradshaw took Troop 467 camping on his large farm near Canton and rode the boys to the campsite on a trailer behind his tractor. The campsite was once an Indian village and Indian relics were abundant. A new campout theme was added when Ethel Wise donated the money for ropes to build a suspension bridge.

Over the years, the troop established several unique traditions. Jim Holekamp initiated the cold shower routine each morning at summer camp. The shower was made from a no.10 can and a hose. No one was excused; everyone had to run through the shower. Bill Swilley had a faded green, 1962 Willy’s Jeep station wagon that the boys dubbed the “Green Slime". On campouts the boys drove the Green Slime as close to the campsite as possible since they were required to hike in at least a 1 1/2 miles. At night the Senior Patrol Leader would hike out to the jeep, and Mr. Swilley would drive to the nearest town to get everyone a milkshake.

Preston Hill started a band called the “Boom Splats” that played on special occasions. John Reeves donated a six-foot rattlesnake named Emma to use for a nature program.  The troop took Emma to district and council shows. Emma ended up on the menu at the yearly council Scout show. She inspired a tradition of eating wild meat feast at the show. The Scouts sampled bear, venison, trout, bass, bream, quail, dove, rattlesnake, gator tail, moose , caribou, duck, pheasant, grouse and turkey, all served up on bread cooked on a stick.

Chuck Held worked to involve Scouts in activities at the church that sponsors the troop, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. He started the annual luncheon for the Scouts and directed them in a program at Wednesday night suppers at the church as well. Every Sunday, Preston Hill guided Scouts as they participated in a church service. Every Sunday Troop 467 had a church service which was performed by Scouts under the guidance of Preston Hill.

The Scout hut was built in 1942 and by the 1980s the hut was practically fallen down.  During Mack Barnes tenure, Bill Swilley, the chartered organization representative at the time, put together a committee to raise money to refurbish the Scout hut. Margaret Blackstock was the chairman of the committee and raised over $25,000. Thanks to Margaret, the Scout hut is still standing. The Blackstocks had three Sons in Troop 467 and they all became senior patrol leaders and Eagle Scouts. Dr. Karl Fackler also had three sons who became Eagles.

Scouts and their parents were also builders.  For the first Scout show, a group of dads built the bookcase that is in the Scout hut. Troop 467 created the first double-tripod tower. On another occasion, Bill Keel furnished the lumber for the Scouts and their dads to built patrol cubicles in the Scout hut. During Keller Carlock’s tenure, the Great Hall was built and the Scout Weekend Campout moved into the Great Hall with the Scouts sleeping in the gym on mats.

The troop travelled far and wide with several visits to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico along with trips to Jamborees and World Jamborees all over the Southeast. One summer, Scouts sailed from Miami to the Bahamas during lobster season and enjoyed living off the sea.  Recently, 467’s adventures have included high adventure trips to the Grand Canyon, Camp Maple Dell in Utah, Camp Skymont in Tennessee and Sea Base in the Florida Keys. The troop also makes annual visits to Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina. In 2008, a group of Scouts set a record by hiking 54 miles in 3 days and 2 hours.


BSA Troop 467 100-Miler Award
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One Hundred Mile Hike:  In June 2009, members of the 54-mile trek joined up with other Scouts in the troop to complete a 100 mile trek in five days by through hiking the Bartram trail from its start in Georgia to the North Carolina/Tennessee border.  This crew came to be known as the "100-milers."

Scout hut dedication program
Program for the
10/24/2010 Dedication
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Scout Hut Dedication: In the fall of 2010, the troop installed three new rustic gates across the entrances to the Scouting grounds. On October 24, 2010, the troop welcomed over 300 guests as we gathered to dedicate the Scout hut and the Scouting facility to Don Payne and Bill Swilley. The image to the right links to the program for the event.

Dedication slide show

Troop 467 on the California Coastal Trail
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California Coastal Trail: During the summer of 2011, older Scouts tackled the California Coastal Trail and the Los Padres National Forest during a week of high adventure.

Click for larger imageDuring the summer of 2011, older Scouts tackled the California Coastal Trail and the Los Padres National Forest during a week of high adventure.
Troop 467 at the Grand Canyon
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Northern Tier: Troop 467 was back on the high adventure (water) trail in summer of 2012 when we undertook and adventure at Northern Tier, one of the BSA's four high adventure bases.

Troop 467 at the Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon: A second high adventure trip in the summer of 2012 took the troop to Zion National Park in Utah where we hiked the Narrows and then to the Grand Canyon where we hiked rim to rim.

Troop 467 at the Grand Canyon
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Seabase 2013: During a split high-adventure summer season, part of the troop attended Seabase in the Florida Keys.

Troop 467 at Yosemite
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Yosemite: We returned to California in 2013 to visit Yosemite and to make a trek up Mount Whitney. Our younger Scouts attended Scout camp at Camp Kern in the southern Sierra mountains.

Historic Trails Award 2015
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Historic Trails Award: In the spring of 2015, Troop 467 wrote and presented a commemorative ceremony honoring the 70th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt's death to fulfill the requirements of the "Historic Trails Award."

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