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This page is provided to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about the troop and Scouting.

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Where and when are troop meetings?
Troop 467 meets Tuesdays at the Scout hut behind Peachtree Road United Methodist Church until early 2014. Starting in early 2014, we will meet at the American Legion Hall at Chastain Park. We will meet in the new youth center at the church once the building is completed in 2015. Meetings start at 7:30 pm and end at 9:00 pm.
Who Sponsors the troop?
Peachtree Road United Methodist is the troop's sponsor and chartered organization.  The church also offers the use of its facilities for special Scouting events.

Who is the troop leadership?
Check out the Adult Leaders page for a listing of the troop leadership and various troop committee members.

How is the troop structured?
The Scouts are divided into patrols. A patrol is a small group of boys who are similar in age, development and interest. Working together as a team, patrol members share the responsibility of making the patrol a success. Patrol size varies but an ideal size is eight Scouts. Each patrol selects a name, decides on a yell and designs a flag.

How are patrols assigned?
There are two kinds of patrols: regular patrols made of Scouts with a First Class or higher rank and new-Scout patrols made up of 11-year-old boys who have just joined the troop but have not reached the First Class rank. A senior Scout with a rank of First Class or higher will be assigned to a new-Scout patrol. An assistant Scoutmaster will work closely with the patrol to help the younger Scout's focus on their advancement to the ranks of Tenderfoot and First Class.

Do different age groups work together?
To develop leadership skills, the older, more experienced Scouts will work with the younger Scouts on skills required for rank advancement.

What leadership positions do the Scouts hold in the troop?
The troop elects a single senior patrol leader (SPL) to lead the troop.  The SPL appoints one or more assistant senior patrol leaders (ASPL) to assist him. Each patrol elects its own patrol leader.  The troop determines the requirements, if any, for patrol leaders, such as rank and age. Elections take place twice each year.  All other positions are appointed, with the assistance of the Scoutmaster, by either the senior patrol leader or the patrol leaders. The following are the troop positions. Other positions may be established within each patrol.
  • Senior patrol leader
  • Assistant senior patrol leader
  • Patrol leader
  • Assistant patrol leader  (no credit for leadership position in rank advancement)
  • Troop guide
  • Den chief
  • Historian
  • Order of the Arrow troop/team representative
  • Librarian
  • Quartermaster
  • Scribe
  • Instructor
  • Chaplain aide
  • Junior assistant Scoutmaster
  • Bugler (This is a valid position for Star and Life ranks.  This position is not a valid position for the Eagle rank and does not appear on the Eagle rank application.)
  • Webmaster (new position as of Jan 1, 2010)
  • Leave No Trace trainer (new position as of Jan 1, 2010)

What is the patrol leaders' council and who is on it?
The patrol leaders' council (PLC) plans and runs the troop's program and activities and gives long-range direction through an annual planning conference that lays out the troop's calendar for the following year.  The PLC is composed of and run by Scouts, but the Scoutmaster and designated assistant Scoutmasters may attend PLC meetings to mentor and assist the SPL.  The PLC is composed of Scouts who fill the following positions:
  • Senior patrol leader (SPL)
  • Assistant senior patrol leader (ASPL)
  • Patrol leaders
  • Troop guide

What constitutes a field uniform and when do you wear it?
This is worn for dress occasions, weekly Scout meetings, campfires, boards of review, courts of honor, Scoutmaster Conferences, trips, church, ceremonies, etc. The field uniform is also called class "A".  It consists of the following items:
  • Class "A" Uniform
  • BSA dress shirt
  • Troop Neckerchief (not required for weekly Scout meetings)
  • Troop hat (not required for weekly Scout meetings)
  • BSA T-shirt
  • BSA pants (long or short)
  • BSA socks
  • BSA belt
  • Patches sewn on uniform (see inside cover of Scout handbook for patch locations)
  • Hiking boots or other appropriate footwear (no open-toed shoes)

What constitutes an activity uniform and when do you wear it?
This is worn for less formal occasions like campouts, car washes and any "work" type of Scout activity.  The activity uniform is also called class "B".  It consists of the following items:
  • BSA T-shirt
  • BSA pants (long or short)
  • BSA socks
  • BSA belt
  • Hiking boots or other appropriate footwear (no open-toed shoes)

How does a Scout get a troop T-shirt?
The troop, from time to time, designs Class "B" T-shirts.  A new Class "B" T-shirt is usually created for summer camp or high adventure.

What is not considered Class "A" or "B"?
  • Non-BSA hats
  • Blue jeans with Class "A".
  • Non-Scout shorts
  • Imprinted/logo T-shirts other than BSA worn with Class "B",
  • Sandals or open-toed shoes with uniform

Does my Scout need to bring his handbook to each meeting?
In fact, your Scout should bring his handbook to all activities. The Scout handbook is not only a good informational resource; it is also the document where the entire Scout's rank advancement progress is recorded and monitored. Please make sure your Scout writes his name in black marker along the edges of the pages of the book so his book can be identified easily. Make sure your Scout does not lose his handbook because it is his record of advancement and achievement. The handbook is the Scout's most important tool! 

When do Scouts receive their merit badges and rank advancements? 
Rank advancements and merit badges are awarded at courts of honor which are held three times a year at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. The advancement chair of the troop committee will send out a list of those Scouts who he expects to receive an award. Please check this list with your Scout to make sure that it is correct. Parents bring a covered dish for a potluck dinner. You will receive an email explaining which food and what quantity you need to bring for the event. This is a very important evening for your Scout; Moms and Dads and other family members are encouraged to attend so you can celebrate your Scout's achievements with him!

Who can sign off on rank advancement and merit badge requirements? 
The Scoutmaster or anyone he designates can sign off on the requirements for rank advancement. Merit badge counselors can sign off on the requirements for the merit badges that they are registered to teach.  If you or someone in your family has expertise in an area related to a merit badge and would like to teach, please contact the advancement chairman.  He will be able to instruct you on how to get started. For more detail on rank advancement and merit badges, please refer to the "Advancement Guidelines” in the Information for Parents  section of this website.

Who should a Scout notify if he needs special help in order to finish a requirement? 
The Scout should speak with the Scoutmaster.  The Scoutmaster will help the Scout identify how he can obtain special help.

Where does the troop go for summer camp?
Our troop goes to a variety of camps and participates in one or more high adventure trips each summer. We have attended Camp Rainey Mountain in North Georgia, Camp Maple Dell in Utah, Skymont in Tennessee, and Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina. For our high adventure summer trip, we have gone to Sea Base and Philmont, two of Scouting’s premier high adventure bases.

Does the troop have openings for new Scouts?
Yes! Visit the troop during one of our regular Tuesday night meetings. For more information, see our Welcome New Webelos page - but you don't have to be a Webelos to join our troop!

How much are troop dues?
Go to Information for Parents to find out what the troop dues are in addition to other useful information. Dues are due no later than October 1 of each year.

What kind of adult participation do you have?
We generally have at least four adults attending each outing. We usually have at least six adults at our weekly Scout meetings. Many of these adults are Eagle Scouts themselves and know the value of Scouting in the development of boys.

Is there an annual troop calendar?
Yes, a calendar is distributed each September. A copy is kept updated and is available on the web at the TroopTrack site. 

How can a family get a registration packet?
Look under Forms on this website.  Follow the link for the annual registration packet. 

Do you meet all year around?
The troop meets weekly from September through May.  We schedule monthly campouts during the same period.  A weeklong summer camp usually takes place in early June.  High adventure trips tend to be in July or August.  Members of the troop will meet as needed during the summer months.  The patrol leaders' council (PLC) and troop committee members will meet over the summer to plan for the upcoming year's activities.

When do you go camping?
We typically campout once a month during the Scouting year. The troop will usually leave early Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon.

Where do we get specific information on campouts?
This information will always be emailed or otherwise made available to the troop. It is called a trip itinerary and provides the following information:
  • Date of trip
  • Departure location and time
  • Return location and time
  • Destination location
  • Which equipment to bring
  • Which equipment not to bring
  • How much money, if any, is needed
  • A brief description of the camping venue
  • Driving directions
  • Contact numbers at the venue if any

What must my Scout have on him at all times when camping?
We want every Scout to carry a pocketknife, a whistle, and a compass. Before you send your Scout on a camping trip, please make sure you review the trip itinerary to see what is required or not allowed. If you have any questions, please contact one of the assistant Scoutmasters to discuss equipment requirements before the trip departure date.

What equipment does my Scout need for camping?
There is a list of camping equipment linked to the  Information for Parents. We will also distribute this information directly to new parents. Many of the assistant Scoutmasters have years of camping experience and can advise you on which equipment to purchase, and where you can buy it.

Do you have a newsletter?
We do not have a newsletter. We communicate through a combination of: (1) this web site, (2) email, and (3) flyers and handouts as needed.

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